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Recent Tattoo & Piercing Reviews for Tiger Lotus Tattoo & Body Piercing

Love my new piercing! John did an awesome job and it is exactly what I wanted. Before going into Tiger Lotus I had a not so great piercing that I had to remove and was a bit on the fence about getting another. Right away you can tell John knows what he is talking about and that he really cares about piercing and everything that goes into it. Can't wait to go back!  - Kathleen C. 

Amazing shop filled with extremely talented people. The jewelry selection can not be matched in any other local shop. Felicia has tattooed me for years and I wouldn't trust anyone else. If you're looking for a high quality tattoo or body piercing, don't bother looking anywhere else. These guys are the best in town! - Brian W.

Booked with Felicia and she was AMAZING! Came in from Chicago to see her, she moved around some appointments to fit my girlfriend and I in! Shop is very clean and we appreciated her ‘light’ hand! Can’t wait to book again! Have already recommended her to family and friends.  - Deana F.

I would defiantly recommend tattoos by Felicia she has done my bicept with my bukowski quote and did a amazing job! I have yet to be pierced by john but have seen him and seen his work and highly recommend him to do your body modifications! The shop is very clean an steril I recommend tiger lotus to anyone! - Vinny D.

Highly recommend Tiger Lotus for all your tattoo and piercing needs!!! John and Felicia are incredible! Very professional and knowledgeable! Plus the shop is super clean! - Leigh K. 

Wicked impressed with this place. John pierced me with a triple ripple and it definitely exceeded all if my expectations! Thank you to both Felicia as well as John for the incredible hospitality as well as for handling our entire energetic entourage that tagged along with my friends and I!! - Darla B. 

Very clean and very talented artists. They didn't just try to sell me some flash I didn't want. They actually care about their customers. They also have a great selection of jewelry. It's hard to find quality jewelry in large gauges but they have it and can order it for you. - Rob S.

In the process of getting my half sleeve which is being done by felicia and it's amazing so far. Better then I ever expected it to be and I can't wait to see the final outcome. Felicia is an amazing artist! I recommend her to anyone and everyone (:. - Toshia D. 

Love this place! They are awesome! John does a great job piercing. He is very gentle. Felicia does beautiful work! She is a great artist! My husband and I are very happy with them! We won't go anywhere else for our tatoo and piercing needs! Stop by and see them! You won't be disappointed! - Melissa S.

I can not say enough about the staff. John and Felicia are incredible. They are polite and knowledgeable and really make the experience memorable. They are true artists and will work with you to give you something you will cherish for a lifetime. Remember tattoos last even longer than you do so make sure you entrust it to someone capable. They also carry the highest quality body jewelry in the area. What most shops carry doesn't come anywhere near what they have. Put something incredible in your skin! If you need any more convincing just stop by the shop. I am sure that they would be happy to answer any questions you have as well as show you their portfolios. If nothing else they are great people and will probably make you laugh. If you are looking for a new piercing or tattoo there is no question in my mind where to go! - Joshua P. 

Felicia tattooed some birds on me a few months ago, she helped me design everything... and she had a great hand, her art work is wonderful, the ink she used put all my other color tattoos to shame. Everything healed perfect, and she doesn't charge an arm and a leg for her exceptional quality. I live her work, I recommend her to everyone. No complaints. - Gina S. 

I came into Tiger Lotus after getting referrals from friends when my nostril got infected. He was very professional and knowledgeable when telling me what were the causes and what I could do to get rid rid of it. I waited a few weeks until my nostril was healed, then he repierced it. It has been perfect ever since. I am so happy he was able to help me. I would not go anywhere else!! John is not only very knowledgeable, but he’s personable also. I have yet to get a tattoo from Felicia, but her work is awesome. They are both great people. If you need a tattoo and/or piercing professionally done, 10/10 would recommend Tiger Lotus to anyone!! - Jennifer M.

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